Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

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Release date:February 26, 2011
Players:1 player
Game file size357 MB

Become dinosaurs and live in a time when no humans existed. In this world, there are 18 species of dinosaurs to choose from, in addition, they also have more than 35 colors and patterns that make the dinosaurs unique. You will control your dinosaur from the third perspective and explore the vast land, here you and encounter many other dinosaurs when approaching will launch a battle. The battle focuses on the three elements of blocking, dodging, hitting, in addition to us you can create special attacks to create advantages for yourself.

Explore a captivating 3D Jurassic world!  After the great success of the previous Combat of Giants titles, Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D pushes the thrill to bigger heights by immersing you in a 3D cataclysmic Jurassic world on Nintendo 3DS!

You will discover exclusive new combat features, roam breathtaking new environments and enjoy customizing, controlling, and battling vivid 3D dinosaurs!

  • Breathtaking stereoscopic 3D visuals.
  • Create and control brand new, unique dinosaurs like never before.
  • Players can now compete in real-time combat, with attack and defense mechanisms better than ever before.
  • The brand new line-up of features and graphics where you can collect and trade items in new and exciting environments.
  • Supports multiplayer mode with Local Play only, so you can trade items live with your friends.
  • Supports StreetPass – this is for virtual fighting if your dinosaurs are from opposing families, or combat gifts if they are from the same family.

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