Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

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Release date:May 23, 2013
Players:1 player
GenreSide-Scrolling, Platformer
DeveloperRetro Studios, Monster Games
Game file size2.2 GB

The story begins when a volcano erupts on the island of Kong’s family, which also inadvertently wakes up evil creatures called Tikis. A group of Tikis claiming to be Tiki Tak Tribe appeared and hypnotized the other animals living there, their purpose is to steal the bananas of the Kong family. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong together search for the Tiki Tak Tribe to defeat them and retrieve the bananas. Join the game you will control Donkey and Diddy will be on the shoulder of Donkey and act as a jetpack so you can fly. Like the other games, you will have to skillfully overcome complex terrain, pitfalls, and deep holes that can appear anywhere. During the game, you also face other dangerous animals, attack by jumping on them. If you have good eyes, you will be able to spot hidden objects and caves in the environment. Try to collect as many bananas as possible because they will act as currency in the game that allows you to buy more interesting items. The game also supports a two-player mode, and the second player will control Diddy Kong, Diddy players can also jump on Donkey’s back to form a single character. Donkey players will control movement and Diddy players will activate jetpack. If one player dies, the other player can revive by finding and shooting “DK Barrel”.

A Breakthrough in Barrel-Bashing Technology

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D brings you more than 70 challenging levels of ground-pounding, barrel-rolling action, and now it comes to life with stunning 3D visuals for the Nintendo 3DS system.

The original Donkey Kong Country Returns game has been rebuilt from the ground up for ease-of-play on Nintendo 3DS and features local wireless multiplayer* to share the excitement with your friends, plus an un-lockable ninth world with new collectible items and eight exciting new levels!

Jump into the game in New Mode, enjoy the new ease-of-play enhancements, and find new items to help you during the game. Or, play the game in its Original Mode, featuring the challenge of the original Wii version gameplay. Either way, you play, you’ll get to rail ride, barrel roll, and swing your way through lush, layered 3D visuals in more than 70 levels of banana-hoarding mayhem.

Share your adventure by playing cooperatively with a friend via local wireless*, and help each other get past tough spots as you search for lost bananas, puzzle pieces, and hidden secrets. Each level offers tricky challenges, so work together to recover Donkey Kong’s beloved banana hoard!

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