Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

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Release date:September 15, 2016
Players:1 player
DeveloperArtePiazza SQUARE ENIX
Game file size1.4 GB

The game is set in a fictional world, surrounded by the ocean and only a small island named Estard. One day, the protagonist’s father brought back a piece of the map after his fishing trip, realizing that the world had once consisted of large continents but was sealed by the Demon Lord. As the main character, your task is to find a way to return to the past to restore the continents. The game has many different character classes, with each class having its own abilities, when you master a certain number of classes, new classes will be unlocked. You will have to move through many continents, where you have to search for pieces of rock, then put them on stone pedestals to restore that continent. In classic turn-based battles, you will control the group to fight with many different types of monsters. After the victories, you will receive a wealth of experience to help your character level up and become stronger and learn new skills.

Travel to the past to save the present!

Travel to the past to save the present as you restore forgotten lands and battle an unknown evil in this classic DRAGON QUEST adventure completely rebuilt from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS system. Customize your party with over 30 vocations and level up in turn-based battles to learn new spells and abilities in this timeless quest!

Featuring character and monster designs from acclaimed artist Akira Toriyama, in the Dragon Quest VII game, you’ll explore an ever-changing world filled with mystery, intrigue, and danger. On your quest, you’ll meet a captivating cast of characters that will help you change time as you solve their problems and save their lives. Expand and share your adventure even more with the StreetPass™ feature—send and receive traveler’s tablets to explore new dungeons that contain rare monsters and unique equipment.

Bonus: Get a download code for a free Dragon Quest VII Bonus theme when you purchase the digital version of the Dragon Quest® VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past game for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems in the Nintendo eShop or Nintendo.com. You’ll find the download code for the free theme on your Nintendo eShop receipt. Offer valid until 9/30/2016 11:59 p.m. PT.

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