Etrian Mystery Dungeon

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Release date:April 07, 2015
Players:1 player
Game file size539 MB

The Alarga small village has recently become a bustling place for explorers from all over the world to look for fame and also to train themselves. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to customize four characters in your group between many different character classes, each with its own strengths depending on your fighting style. The battles will take place in turn, in addition to using the appropriate skills, you also need to arrange the position of each character to serve your strategy. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more valuable the rewards will be but the enemies will be much more dangerous.

There’s no hand-holding in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The action/turn-based combat means that battling monsters is not just about using the right skills, but becomes an elegant Pas de Quatre of strategic positioning. Players form their parties with familiar Etrian Odyssey classes, such as Landsknecht and Runemaster, customize individuals using Etrian-style skill trees, and then take up to four members into the dungeons. Always randomized with various levels and paths, the dungeons require plenty of exploration, not to mention the incredible loot rewards — just be wary of what waits among the deepest depths.


  • Infinite Dungeons to Explore.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Not Your Grandfather’s Combat.

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