Garfield Kart

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Release date:August 13, 2015
Players:1 player
PublisherHumongous Entertainment
DeveloperHumongous Entertainment
Game file size101 MB

Garfield Kart is a video game kart racing game based on the famous Garfield comic series in America. Similar to other games of the same genre when focusing on entertainment, participating in the game you will be able to choose your favorite characters then compete with other riders. Your task is to try to prevent the opponent to finish first, on the track you will encounter many different items that appear as candies, each with interesting effects. Some help speeds up the character, others use to hinder the opponents behind, etc. The cars also have upgrades that increase their performance but will require a corresponding amount. The game has three levels of difficulty, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc, and four tournaments with trophies including Lasagna, Pizza, and Hamburger. The Lasagna Cup will be free and you will be able to play three levels of difficulty freely, but other types of cups require you to unlock before playing or use the collected gold coins to try. With familiar funny characters and fun gameplay promises to give you extremely entertaining moments !!

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