Heroes of Ruin

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Release date:July 17, 2012
Players:up to 4 players
GenreAction, Adventure
Game file size465 MB

Join your friends and become mercenaries on dangerous missions that no one can supervise. Heroes of Ruin allow up to four players, each to use a character available in the group and each character has its own strengths. You will control the character from a high point of view, where you can explore the vast world, talk and receive missions from the NPCs and finally fight a lot of enemies. After completing the missions you can use the money you earned to buy more powerful weapons and armor.

War raged for over a hundred years until strong, powerful Lords emerged from the fighting to bring a fragile peace to the land. This peace is threatened when one of the Lords, Ataraxis, ruler of the city of Nexus, is taken ill by a deadly curse. A call is sent out, promising rewards beyond measure for anyone who finds a cure. Four mercenaries, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations answer the call. One uses forbidden spells to rain death on her foes, one has guns and bombs to blast his way through, another has a mighty sword capable of slicing through entire packs of enemies, and one other gain strength from savagely tearing through anything that stands in his way with brutal, bladed fists. These unlikely heroes can choose to create a fearsome alliance or venture forth from the city alone. Beyond the safety of the city the land is filled with strange and dangerous creatures, but none as deadly as the evil force behind the curse, which the heroes must eventually confront and destroy.


  • CONNECT WITH OTHER HEROES AROUND THE GLOBE Experience the game and the adventure in full, whether you battle alone or with friends. Chat with your team in real-time using the 3DS microphone, trade items with them, forge new alliances, and engage in tactical team play to overcome enemies.
  • DEVELOP YOUR OWN MERCENARY Choose from four diverse and powerful classes then customize your appearance from the outset. As your character evolves, your fighting style, armor set, weapon, and class abilities can also be customized. With almost unlimited combinations your hero will be truly unique and yours. 
  • FIGHT AGAINST DEADLY CREATURES Be a mercenary fighter doing battle against deadly fiends and powerful beasts. Battle forth on your own in single-player or join forces with other heroes online in a 4-player drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer.
  • UNIQUE & PERSONALISED EXPERIENCE Explore and fight through wild, varied, and dynamic environments. Battle against a wide variety of deadly creatures, who will stretch your combat and tactical skills, collecting loot, weapons, armor, and other gear which will empower and enrich you on your quest. Discover new layouts, routes, items and enemy encounter each time you play.
  • KEEP THE ACTION GOING! Play in new ways and access more rewards and achievements by completing challenges sent to your 3DS every day, or download frequent new game content, including new character items and quests.
  • BRAND NEW ADVENTURE, CUSTOM-BUILT FOR THE 3DS Showcases special features of the 3DS, including deep 3D visuals, SpotPass™, and StreetPass™ functionality. Trade items via StreetPass™ to unlock rare weapons, armor, and items to aid your quest. Download new and exclusive content via SpotPass™ to extend your adventure.

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