LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey

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Release date:June 25, 2013
Players:1 player
GenreAction, Adventure
PublisherWB Games
DeveloperTT Games
Game file size416 MB

Lion Laval and his friends continue to give fans a new adventure against the evil Cragger crocodile. Join the game you will be able to control 60 different characters fighting through 15 challenging levels. You can also use the power of CHI to increase your strength. During the game, you can also use the special means of that character to move and fight. When defeating enemies also helps you collect studs, when a certain number of you will get an extra life.

In this all-new story, join Laval the lion and his friends on an action-packed journey as you explore the world of Chima and fight to defeat the power-hungry Cragger to restore justice and the balance of CHI to the land. Explore the Lion Temple, Eagle Spire, Gorilla Forrest, and more as they harness the power of CHI to leap, swing, fly and fight through 15 levels of intense action!


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