Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven

5/5 - (1 vote)
Release date:June 02, 2015
Players:1 player
PublisherXSEED Games Marvelous USA, Inc.
DeveloperMarvelous Entertainment
Game file size1.2 GB

The game is set in a suburban area where the protagonist Luchs, a young man and also the owner of a long empty hotel. One day he meets a beautiful girl named Charlotte locked inside a crystal, after learning that she has amnesia Luchs took her to his inn. From here on, other spirits also appeared, and together they uncovered the little-known mysteries of the world. Join the game, your task is to manage the inn, while fighting the enemy. The main character Luchs does not have the ability to fight, you will have to use Charlotte to protect him, but do not worry because you will later meet more new allies to help support the fight. In turn-based battles, a large number of enemies will appear simultaneously. Basic attacks or abilities will only work in a certain area, but each stage has a unique terrain that requires you to devise strategies early to take advantage of each battle. After each battle you can also learn more skills for the characters, the game also has a crafting system and a shop that allows you to buy more items to help combat. With beautiful graphics designed in a cute style, the portraits of the characters are also meticulously drawn, although the characters are not fully voiced but are enough to make you feel funny through the lines of them.


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