Monster High: 13 Wishes

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Release date:October 17, 2013
Players:1 player
GenreAction, Adventure
PublisherLittle Orbit
Developer Little Orbit
Game file size209 MB

An evil god has kidnapped monsters and locked them in different locations, the player’s task is to use a magic lamp and collect special items to rescue the remaining Monster High. You will have to control your character through 12 different levels. During the game, you will have to overcome pitfalls, solve puzzles and fight the enemy. Your character also possesses many different types of magic depending on the situation.

Monster High fans will be whisked away on a voltage adventure in Monster High 13 Wishes The Official Game.

  • Play as your favorite freaky-fab ghoul as you jump, climb and swing through 12 multiple magical levels to save Monster High and your ghoulfriends
  • Journey inside the magic lamp to save the school and your friends
  • Play as your favorite Monster High characters and use their unique Freaky Flaws to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies
  • Combine characters’ skills and use teamwork to solve puzzles and save the school
  • Choose multiple difficulty settings to Match Your Skills

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