Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)

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Release date:March 18, 2017
Players:up to 4 players
GenreAction, Adventure
Game file size2.2 GB

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Rom is for Nintendo 3DS Roms Emulator. if you enjoy Games so Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) would be a good game for you!
you can download Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Rom with a direct link and free. this game is in the English language and the best quality available.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter is receiving a new game coming to Japan on March 18, 2017, for 3DS, unknown if it will be coming to the West. The game will be a sequel/addition to their X (Cross) game which includes: G-Rank, new & old maps, the inclusion of fan-favorite monsters such as Barroth & Barioth, 2 New Styles for Hunters (Brave style, involves aggro, & one possibly involving Bombs) & Hunter styles for Prowlers/Nyantas, a Diablos Deviant & even a whole new monster, unknown if it’s a flagship monster or Elder Dragon at the time. More info to come as it is translated.


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