Need for Speed: The Run

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Release date:November 15, 2011
Players:up to 2 players
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperEA Black Box, Firebrand Games
Game file size638 MB

The story revolves around the protagonist Matt, a man being hunted by notorious gangs. Matt’s only chance of survival now is to go the three-thousand-mile journey from San Francisco to New York to escape their pursuit, but this journey is not as simple as he thought. Playas Matt, your task is to drive your car to follow the designated path. At this point, the screen below will display a GPS map that allows the player to easily observe. You will have to compete with other riders through many different tracks, and there will be stops that allow you to upgrade your vehicle.

It’s called The Run. An illicit, high-stakes race across the country. The only way to get your life back is to be the first from San Francisco to New York. No speed limits. No rules. No allies. All you have are your driving skills and sheer determination as you battle hundreds of the world’s most notorious drivers on the country’s most dangerous roads. In Need for Speed The Run, you’ll weave through dense urban centers, rocket down icy mountain passes, and navigate narrow canyons at breakneck speeds, all the while evading a relentless police force prepared – and willing – to use lethal force to take you down.


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