Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends

2.3/5 - (38 votes)
Release date: February 26, 2011
Players: Single-player
Genre Simulation
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Game file size 450 MB
Nintendogs + Cats is a game that lets players interact with realistic puppies – and kittens – in various fun ways. There are three versions of the software, each with different starting breeds: French bulldog, toy poodle, and golden retriever. But in each version players can unlock and enjoy more than 20 different breeds. A demo of nintendogs+cats can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop’s title information page for the Golden Retriever & New Friends version of the game. In the demo, you can choose to play with dogs from all three versions of nintendogs+cats (golden retriever, toy poodle, and French bulldog). Nintendogs puppies are back in the palm of your hand on the Nintendo 3DS system, with even cuter and more expressive puppies and, for the first time, kittens! The fun from the original Nintendogs game returns, with multiple breeds to choose from, accessories for your puppies and kittens to wear, and the ability to let your puppies and kittens train and compete in different challenges and activities.


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