Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

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Release date:November 25, 2014
Players:1 player
Game file size1.7 GB

The story begins on a normal day when 18 Persona-users are at school when they hear a strange bell. Immediately they are transferred to another world where there are creatures called Shadows. There, they meet two more people, Zen and Rei, but they have amnesia. Together they look for memories for the two new members and find a way out of this world. Remaining familiar with the gameplay, participating in the game you will be monitored conversations, from which to understand more about the characters and develop the plot. When encountering enemies, you will fight by summoning Personas, they have the ability to attack enemies and heal allies. In addition, each character will own separate Personas with different abilities. The game consists of two main areas: Yasogami High School (where you can recover and trade items) and mazes (where you will fight the Shadows).

The Persona series, renowned for its caliber of high-quality storytelling, gameplay scenarios, and worldly views, is unlike any other. And Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be the first RPG in the Persona series since 2008. The most recent in the series is Persona 4, which was so popular it spawned several spin-off titles and still has one of the most fervently loyal fanbases to date. Persona Q also draws on the Etrian Odyssey series, with its own growing core of engaged gamers drawn to its unique playability and map-making mechanic. Persona Q takes the best parts of these two long-running RPG series and creates a monumental new experience for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Classic Characters, New Story! – Persona Q has an all-new adventure that pulls in the classic characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4. Players can start with either the main character from Persona 3 or Persona 4 and their choice will unlock different event scenes! Of course, once they finish one playthrough, they can go back and explore the second route, totaling 80-100 hours of gameplay!
  • First Persona title ever to be on a Nintendo Platform – For the first time in history, the Persona series will finally arrive on a Nintendo system: the Nintendo 3DS. Users will roam through a 3D labyrinth and use the system’s touchscreen to chart their course, marking dangers, treasures, and more along the way…
  • More of what Persona Fans Want… – One of the most popular aspects of the Persona games are the stories behind the characters, and Persona Q provides new depth and insight on two games’ worth of beloved characters!

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