Pokemon Prismatic Moon

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Release date:Unknown
Players:1 player

Pokemon Prismatic Moon (Pokemon Ultra Moon Hack) is a product by a group of ROM hackers called Buffel Saft, a game based on the prototype of Pokemon Ultra Moon but has been revised with many unique features for players. This game includes all you need in a hacked version. Is not!! It’s so much more !!

Here are details of the notable features in the game

– Faster Alola – Tsareena, Vikavolt, Decidueye and more now have much higher speed stats.
– Kommo-o has regained Shell Smash, but this time it’s available to the player!
– Golisopod can now choose not to make an Emergency Exit and learns Razor Shell after it evolves instead of before it evolves.
– Ariados’ signature move, Toxic Thread, now harshly lowers a foe’s Speed, Defense, and Special Defense, as well as poisoning them!
– Water Pulse has been buffed to 80 base power, giving Ice-Types valuable type coverage and boosting the power of Pokémon with Mega Launcher.
– The Rebalanced version also includes three new TMs and two new move tutors, which have a significant impact on the game:
– TM60 can now teach Aura Sphere to any Pokémon that can learn Focus Blast.
– TM79 can now teach any Ice-type Freeze Dry, which has 95 base power.
– TM100 brings back the classic Curse TM from Gold and Silver, and just like the original, it’s compatible with any Pokémon that can learn TMs!
– Sucker Punch and Natural Gift can now be tutored to many new Pokémon.
– Unlike the base games, average trainers will commonly have more than one Pokémon!
– Rising Stars, Ace Trainers, and Veterans will be a cut above the rest and should be expected to put up a bit of a fight.
– Important characters will eventually (not immediately!) Be packing full teams of six, complete with items, beneficial natures, and custom EV spreads.
– Totem Pokémon has new auras, new allies, and new or improved strategies!
– Easy, early access to Ability Capsules allows players to switch their Pokémon’s abilities at will.
– Modified in-game trades provide useful items and stronger Pokémon, right when you need them.
– Pokémon can be EV trained with zero grindings! EV reduction berries are available cheaply at the Thrifty Megamart; using them to remove unwanted EVs occasionally will eventually get you the stats you want.
– All TMs are available before defeating the Elite Four! The post-game TMs are very expensive, but they can be purchased in Tapu Village if you want access to them earlier.

Note that Pokémon captured in this version will NOT be legal for online play, but their offspring will be, provided they don’t learn any egg moves they didn’t have when they hatched. I wouldn’t suggest going online with the hack installed, and while transferring Pokémon bred in the hack to Pokémon Bank should be fine, you do so at your own risk.

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