Samurai Warriors Chronicles

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Release date:March 27, 2011
Players:1 player
PublisherTecmo Koei
DeveloperTecmo Koei
Game file size1.3 GB

The legend of the samurai comes to life like never before with immersive battles featuring 3D graphics! Samurai Warriors Chronicles takes the fan-favorite series into uncharted territory with 3D graphics and new gameplay improvements that will bring this franchise to the next level. In the game, players will be able to change control between four different warriors on the fly, easily switching between characters by touching the Nintendo 3DS touch panel. Teamwork is a key focal point of the game, as the secret to success lies in positioning your team on the battlefield wisely. There are also friendship levels between the various characters that will ultimately guide where the story goes and how battles play out, so helping others has its rewards. Samurai Warriors Chronicles is set to help usher in the Nintendo 3DS by providing tactical action as you’ve never seen! Through deep combat, multiple branching storylines, and a living 3D battlefield, the legend of the samurai lives on.

  • Wield complete control over the battlefield like a general
  • Choose and switch between four warriors on the battlefield as the situation warrants
  • Play through classic history in the Warring States era of Japan
  • Form bonds with historical figures to reveal new scenarios and create your own unique story
  • Form an army of four warriors using StreetPass Mode and players you meet in real life.

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