Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

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Release date:January 12, 2012
Players:1 player
DeveloperNintendo, Koei Tecmo
Game file size465 MB

The story is told by Yuuko, a high school girl. One day Yuuko met the teacher’s brother Kaito Hasebe, who told her about the Diary of Faces rumor. Sometime later, Yūko no longer sees him again, at this time she tells her friend Yoriko about the rumors of Diary of Faces. One day when Yoriko left school, Yuuko thought that her friend was sick and went to visit Yoriko, from here horrible stories also happened. The game allows the player to use the camera of the 3DS device, it will record images of the surrounding environment to feel like souls are standing right in front of you. Attack them by taking photos, but you also have to turn the camera in all directions because ghosts can appear anywhere. Spirit Power will help you deal great damage to souls, by keeping them in the camera’s view long enough until the gauge is fully charged.

Look through the Spirit Camera if you dare. What is real? A visceral horror experience comes to life through the lenses of the Nintendo 3DS systems cameras, blurring the line between the game world and your reality, creating uniquely personalized game-play experiences across a multitude of game modes. Enter the memoir The included diary of faces serves as your doorway into a haunting Story Mode. As you view it with the reality and encounter Maya, a mysterious girl who has been hiding in the darkness of an old hour. It’s up to you to help Maya escape the woman in black and break her terrifying curse before it traps you both forever. The horror that follows you. See your surroundings blend into the events of Story Mode through augmented reality. Photograph your face and reveal the spirits haunting you. Take pictures of your friend’s faces and battle the spirits they turn into. Wherever you go, the supernatural will follow.


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