Stella Glow

4.7/5 - (9 votes)
Release date:November 17, 2015
Players:1 player
Game file size1.4 GB

This world has no songs left Ever since the barbarian war, only 5 witches are now able to use magic from their songs. In a peaceful village, the main character Alto, a man with amnesia, lives with his friend Lisette. But their life is quickly broken when the witch Hilda comes and turns the villagers into crystals, trying to resist Lisette transforming into her witch form, and fortunately, they are the Knights Regnant rescued. From here Alto also realized his special strength and fought with Lisette to stop Hilda. The game is divided into two different sections, one centered around battles and the other focused on developing relationships with teammates. In battles, characters and enemies will be placed in a grid arena, each team will take turns fighting, when your turn, you will be able to choose many different actions. In addition to fighting, you can also talk to your teammates, depending on how you react, the relationship will develop in a positive or negative direction.

For an entire millennium, the world has been devoid of “song” as a result of a savage war. Only 5 Witches left in the land are able to use “song magic.” However, Hilda the Witch of Destruction plans to eliminate the other Witches and the world with her curse of Crystallization. Alto and the Regnant Knights must now do all they can to stop Hilda, starting with recruiting the other Witches and using their power of song to break the curse.

Befriend the Witches, dive into their Spirit Worlds, and defeat the enemies causing their inner turmoil to level up their powers! Magic, weapons, and superior tactics are necessary to get through the barrage of enemies you’ll discover. In addition to combat, make sure to plan out your tasks during your free time. Balance combat and free time in-game, as both are necessary to advance the story! Make your choices wisely and save the world!

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