Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

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Release date:July 03, 2012
Players:up to 4 players
GenreAction, Role-Playing
Game file size900 MB

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a unique game that combines two elements of role-playing and rhythm. Join the game you will control familiar characters in Final Fantasy to explore many different lands and fight countless enemies. Battles will take place in the form of rhythm games when you need to press the corresponding buttons that appear on the screen at the right time. After battles, the characters also gain EXP and level up like other normal RPG games. In addition, you can also play with other players through StreetPass.

With over 100 million units shipped worldwide, the FINAL FANTASY series has for 25 years creating wonderful memories for people all around the globe. Now THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY reconnects players with characters and soundtracks from the games that they remember and cherish in a rich, melodic, and colorful rhythm-RPG adventure, with over 70 tracks selected from the FINAL FANTASY series, a bright and unique visual adaptation of iconic characters and villains, and a variety of rhythm gameplay modes that promise hours of replay.

  • The first and only rhythm-RPG game, featuring over 70 memorable tracks from the FINAL FANTASY series
  • Enhanced replay through the increasingly difficult Challenge Mode and planned DLC tracks
  • Deep RPG elements such as character leveling, customization, abilities, items, and summons
  • Enter the Chaos Shrine to unlock, conquer, and share Dark Notes, which test the skills of even the most seasoned competitors and grant access to additional characters
  • Local multiplayer with up to three friends and the ability to share player data through StreetPass.

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