Youkai Watch Busters 2: Hihou Densetsu Banbarayaa: Sword

5/5 - (50 votes)
Release date: December 16, 2017
Players: Multiplayer
Genre Action
Publisher Level 5
Developer Level 5
Game file size 1.8 GB
In Yo-kai Watch Busters 2, players are led to Karakuri Island by the great adventurer Indy J, where it is said that the treasure of a pirate king rests. The “Brandon Family,” strong rivals and heinous thieves who have served a total of 10,000 years in prison, are also after the treasure. New treasure yo-kai such as Narcis 2-Sei, Ancordead, Madomoaizel, Zapdokia, Doescalibur, and Rosetta Stone will appear. By using new weapons called “Treasure Gear,” which come in forms such as the “Magnum” gun, “Tune Sword,” and “Sniper” gun, you can make your way to the treasure with greater advantage. There are also item boxes that can’t be destroyed unless a Treasure Gear is used. Four-player multiplayer is also supported.


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