Zoo Resort 3D

4.5/5 - (2 votes)
Release date:October 25, 2011
Players:1 player
DeveloperMarvelous Interactive
Game file size374 MB

Create your own zoo and develop it into the most successful zoo ever. There are over 100 different animals that you can take to your zoo including the endangered ones. You have to take care of your animals very carefully to keep them happy and create many interesting actions, which will attract a large number of visitors. You can even take photos of animals to create an interesting album of your own.

  • Build your own zoo and manage it to success – Bring in animals, take care of them, manage the zoo and attract visitors to build a successful zoo.
  • Wide variety of 100+ realistic 3D animals to collect and discover – As players progress in the game, they unlock more and more animals to bring to their zoo, from penguins, lions and elephants to even extinct animals.
  • Watch your animals perform awe-inspiring talents and movements and capture them to entertain visitors – Once the player has built strong relationships with their animals
  • Create a personalized photo album – Capture your favorite animals and their best talents to keep in your photo album and share with friends via SD card.
  • Fully leverages Nintendo 3DS technology – Zoo Resort is a great game for any Nintendo 3DS owner who wants to fully utilize the new technologies of the Nintendo 3DS, featuring 3D animals, camera and motion-sensing movement and incredibly realistic graphics.

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